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Hi, my real name is Jim but you can call me Kranky if you wish and you won't hurt my feelings.


I firstdeveloped an interest for woodworking at the age of 13, when I helped my dad develop the basement and family room of our family home. Woodshop in high school further reinforced that interest.

As a young man with a family it became a hobby that enabled me to develop my skills further.

Over the years it evolved into building things for friends and family. 

Eventually I found myself in more demand from Word of Mouth to the point where my evenings and weekends were booked solid.

About seven years ago I said goodbye to my Day Job to go full time in my own shop. I love being able to spend my days in my wood shop making custom pieces.

You are welcome to drop in (with notice) and see whatever I'm working on at the moment and chat.


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